Storage Rules

We ask that you follow these Storage Rules to protect your property and to ensure the safety of our employees.


  1. You are responsible for packing your stuff. Please pack your items carefully so that they’re not damaged during transportation or in storage. We are not responsible for any damage to items that we deem to have not been properly packed, wrapped, or otherwise prepared for storage.


  1. Please avoid storing fragile items with us unless they can be safely packed in bins. Aside from the express cap on our liability per box, we disclaim all liability for items that could reasonably be called “fragile” such as glassware, artwork, jewelry, electronics and furniture items made of particleboard, fiberboard, and other boards made from sawdust and wood scraps.


  1. The safety of our employees, our customers, and your property is our top priority. To ensure everyone’s safety, you may not store any of these items with us:
    • any animals, living or dead;
    • gasoline, oil, fuel, grease, anti-freeze, or flammable chemicals;
    • explosives, fireworks, or ammunition;
    • corrosive, toxic, poisonous, or hazardous materials or waste;
    • asbestos or asbestos-containing materials;
    • construction debris, tires, oil, or batteries;
    • items having a noxious smell in Lessor’s sole judgment;
    • illegal drugs or controlled substances of any kind;
    • firearms, ammunition, or weapons of any kind; or
    • stolen property, and items illegal for self-storage under any law.
    • anything with a fuel tank (cars, boats, motorcycles, mowers, etc.);
    • gasoline cans or similar containers for combustible fuel;
    • liquid propane tanks, oxygen tanks, or similar containers;
    • food, fertilizers, pesticides, or items which are wet and could mildew.